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Locate and Find Debtors with a Credit Collection Agency

Posted in Credit Collection Agency on May 2nd, 2007

It can be a frustrating experience trying to collect a debt from a customer who just seems unwilling to pay. Letters sent to their address go ignored, and phone calls are answered with empty promises of payment. While this is certainly a bad scenario, what if a customer who owes you money just disappears? It is possible to locate and find debtors with a credit collection agency, and in this article we’ll explain to you the methods behind their tracking.

When you enlist the services of a credit collection agency, you gain several resources that are not available to most business owners. One obvious resource is time. As a small business owner, time is often a precious and limited commodity. If you are spending all of your time tracking down a customer who has vanished, your business is sure to suffer. A quality credit collection agency will have the time, resources, and people available to locate and find your debtor, while you can get back to concentrating on your day-to-day operations. Now, let’s turn our attention towards some of the ways credit collection agencies can successfully track a debtor.

Reputable credit collection agencies employ several different resources in locating debtors. For example, they have access to many different public databases, both national and international. These databases can help track a debtor’s recent activity (credit cards, utilities), which is instrumental in pin-pointing their actual location.

Credit collection agencies also hire a wide variety of professionals who specialize in finding debtors. Investigators and tracing agents are just two examples of people who are instrumental in these efforts. These people are capable of literally “tracing” somebody’s steps, following them from the time your business knew their whereabouts to ultimately tracking them down. The methods they use vary, but can consist of phone inquiries, field visits, and the assistance of the debtor’s friends and family.

Credit collection agencies have helped thousands of businesses locate and find debtors. But what happens if they are unable to find the person who owes your business money? Most credit collection agencies will not charge your business unless they actually find your debtor and receive payment for the debt. This fact makes using a credit collection agency a very sound decision.

As you can see, it is possible for you to locate and find debtors with a credit collection agency. One word of caution: If you are thinking about employing a credit collection agency, it is crucial that you do your homework to ensure that you are getting the best assistance possible. There are unfortunately some poor agencies out there, which will charge your business “nominal” fees, or may even charge without locating your debtor. You can easily find out if the credit collection agency you are considering is legitimate by contacting the Better Business Bureau. They will be able to verify that the agency is competent and professional. After that, the agency you choose will hopefully have success in locating your business’ debtor.