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Why It is Crucial to Have A Dedicated Server

Posted in Finance & Business on October 24th, 2006

A dedicated server is a single web server or computer on the internet that hosts websites and shows pages as viewers request. A dedicated server is within a network of computers, exclusively dedicated to one costumer or a large business, since it can meet many needs.

Dedicated servers are most commonly used in the web hosting industry; hundreds of sites are hosted under one dedicated server. A dedicated server is considered to be the next step on from shared hosting environments. Having your own dedicated server makes you free of worry about other websites slowing you down or crashing your server. Dedicated servers also give you total control, and allows for installing software on your website that opens doors for gaining extra performance.

The advantage of having a dedicated server is that the clients of the server can customize both hardware and software setup so they meet needs like faster data access and effortless accommodation of traffic on the site.

These dedicated servers come with good costumer service. The web host works with the client in making sure that the dedicated server meets the needs of the client. In cases of companies having several divisions like a chain of outlets, it is still crucial for each to have their own dedicated server because they can create many domains on a single server easily, which results in more efficiency rather than having to lease host space on different web servers for each division or outlet individually.

For large companies having websites for every dealership such as motorcycle manufacturers, the advantage of having a dedicated server is that the parent company can put all of the websites for each dealership under the same server.

Here’s how it works. Assume a company named “Taurus Cars Corp.” is running a series of dealerships, the parent company could host an individual website for every dealership. Each website may look like this; for the parent company “www.taurusmotorscorp.com”, for the dealership in Florida “www.taurusmotorsflorida.com “, for the dealership in Colorado “www.taurusmotorscolorado.com” and so on.

The advantage of this setup is the dealership in Florida is using the same online tools as the dealership in Colorado. Making the online presence of the company Taurus Motors Corp. very streamlined and cost-efficient, while making things significantly easier for the company’s administration and support, also known as customization and uniform of point of sale software. Considering the websites of each of the different divisions or dealerships residing on one dedicated server, makes this advantage beneficial in terms of increasing sales.

In some cases other business want to use dedicated servers for the sole purpose of customization, costumer service, and fast access. They host websites themselves or better yet sub-lease the extra space for interested companies to set up their websites and domains. The advantage derived by any business under a dedicated server is the ability to enhance security.

All these advantages imply that dedicated servers are the best option for most large companies or businesses. Hosting personal websites or small business websites in general doesn’t require a dedicated server, instead for this purpose you can lease from a standard web host.

Finding an affordable CRM software solution

Posted in Finance & Business on August 24th, 2006

Have you made the decision to implement CRM software into your business? If so, you might be confused as to which Customer Relationship Management software is best for your needs. While there are many different options available, we’ll break them down for you in this article so that you can make an informed and cost-effective buying decision. Let’s take a closer look at finding an affordable CRM software solution for your business.

The most important consideration when finding an affordable CRM software solution is to buy with your customers in mind. Keep in mind that CRM software is intended to process and analyze the information you provide about your customers. This means that the more insight you have about your customer base, the more effective your CRM software will be. If you have a solid understanding of your clients and the reason they buy your products, you can then make a CRM software decision that will enhance your knowledge.

While it is crucial to have a solid understanding of your customer base, what if limited time and resources have you behind in this regard? Well, there are CRM software solutions that will do a lot of the legwork for you. While some CRM software solutions are capable of collecting and analyzing information from your customers through web site visits and marketing campaigns, still others are able to analyze existing buying habits to provide you with a clearer picture of your clientele. When finding an affordable CRM software solution, it is important that you determine the areas in which you need to become more informed about your customer needs and preferences. This will ensure that you buy a helpful and profitable product.

It is also important to choose a CRM software solution with a solid reputation. What good is saving money if you receive a substandard product that fails to deliver? It is important to ask questions of the company you are considering. Any high quality CRM software company will be able to tell you every aspect of their program, as well as how these features can assist your business. They should also be able to easily explain to you how the data analyzed by their CRM software will directly affect your business. If you run across a dealer that seems unsure about their product, or can not give definitive information, it is best to consider another CRM software solution.

The last thing to keep in mind when finding an affordable CRM software solution is ease of use. It is important to remember that your employees will need to have a solid understanding of the CRM software in order for it to work effectively. If your employees need to spend a large amount of time working with and learning about the CRM software, you may end up spending more money than you are actually saving. Make sure that the CRM software solution you ultimately choose is simple for both yourself and employees.

Finding an affordable CRM software solution does not have to be a difficult process. By evaluating your existing customer knowledge and identifying the goals you would like to further accomplish, you can find an effective and affordable CRM software solution that is right for your business.