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Six Benefits of Meditation

Posted in Recreation & Hobbies, recreation on December 6th, 2006

Meditation is invaluable for many people. Think of meditation as the opposite of a frazzled, stressful lifestyle. Learning to meditate is easy, and you will find the advantages of meditation can be varied, so meditation can help anyone in any walk of life.

First, meditation can help you significantly reduce pain. Many people who are in harsh physical pain will look to meditation as a way to release their minds and bodies from experiencing this pain, and most doctors recommend meditation as an alternative medicine. For those of us who suffer from chronic discomforts, such as backaches or arthritis, meditation is a great way to forget the pain altogether for a few minutes and reduce the pain overall in our lives.

Meditation is also a great way to release yourself from experiencing mental or spiritual pain. Many who have recently lost a loved one find that meditation is a way to push harmful and painful thoughts from the mind and create a less stressful life. Religious people also use meditation as a form of prayer or as a form of religious awakening. Although this does not have to be your reason for meditating, if you seek a way in which to connect to the divine, meditation is recommended in most, if not all, of the major world religious. By connecting more deeply to your form of God, you can find inner peace while you are meditating, and this will continue within your everyday life.

Mediation is also a great way to unlock your hidden potential. You may have heard of people who have had ideas “come to them”—this is a goal of meditation. When you have a problem, for example, by meditation, the answer can be made clear. This is true as well for creative blocks—writers and artists who take a break from work to meditate may find their work better when they return from a meditation session. In fact, in any job, meditation is a good way to deal with burnout—sometimes you just need a break from your job in order to make your work better. If you receive short breaks at work, or if you have time after lunch, this is a good time to meditate.

In general, meditation is not only useful for those who wish to solve the above problems. If you are happy and healthy with every aspect of life, you can still benefit from meditating. People who meditate find that their senses are better adjusted to life, and so you will be able to experience better vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

You can also benefit from meditation by learning the process before you have to deal with stress—those who meditate find it easier to deal with problems that arise. Meditation is also good for pregnant mothers, and couples can meditate together to find inner peace with themselves and peace with one another.

Overall, meditation has almost no disadvantages, and it only takes 15 to 20 minutes every day to learn to enjoy the benefits. Before long, you should be able to clearly see the advantages to this practice showing up in your everyday life.